The siyu touch…

From natural raw materials of the highest quality, cared for with loving care and detail, we create collections where we suggest more than we show, reaching the obvious through subtle, elegant and sophisticated arguments.

Our creations are like a good aroma that everyone detects and tastes but nobody can explain.

We look for a subtle eroticism, while remaining sexy.

We like comfort and at the same time to be daring, we love details, those that turn the normal into the exceptional.

We are absolutely personal and absolutely modern.

We always look beyond, while looking here.

We think about women who think for themselves and decide for themselves.

We like to walk on the apex without losing sight of the center.

We like authenticity and we detest pretentiousness, we like fine irony and we don’t like at all seriousness.

In short, we like to create free collections without complexes, thinking about free women without complexes, with a subtle touch of humour, with our own prints and colours that we take care of in detail, and that make us feel different and unique.

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